DJ Elio Astor (ITALY-Rome)

Formerly a club DJ, he started studying tango in 2003, he has been at the console as a tango dj for more than 5000 hours,  during the first years putting music in tango festivals, milongas and encuentros milongueros in Europe
and also in Buenos Aires where he was at the console of Club Fulgor, Nino Bien and the famous Salon Canning. During one of the traditional evenings he was very surprised because when he put a mixed tanda from Orquesta Fervor de Buenos Aires “al estilo de Carlos di Sarli”, just few of the traditional dancers went to the dancefloor to dance.

After some weeks he took the same tanda, he worked on it on the pc, adding hiss and vinyl effect deterioration, making it sound like an old vinyl. He proposed this tanda to the same milonga, which they danced happily.

So he decided to spend his time looking at the possibilities which tango has to be danced on modern music, he was the first one to make a milonga with 100% modern music in Italy in 2008, he was the first to introduce the hangdrum in a milonga in 2016, he is now focusing on music production, he believes in a global tango music renaissance made by musicians and new tango orquestas, experienced djs, and open minded teachers who teach first steps on modern music instead retro/vintage one.

Mona Isabelle (GERMANY-Berlin)

Mona Isabelle from Berlin Tango loft


Every set she plays is live and depends on the dancefloor right here right now Loves that kind of continious music flow, that takes dancers thru time and range of emotions. She has played already on many Neotango Marathons around Europe in the last 2 years.


Dancer since… last century he started 10 years ago organizing  for the Tangopostale festival tango Flashmobs in Toulouse, tango baladasdancing in the streets and Neolongas. He has been DJ’ing for some years in neolongas in Toulouse and surrounding area. He is both part of the organizing committee and DJ for the marathons organized by the Toulouse Team, TOULOUSE and AMSTERDAM.

He’s also playing for milongas in foreign towns, such as FRANKFURT or ROME. He likes improvisation on the fly, mixing all types of music, looking for the flow, from very modern tangos to Hip-Hop, passing thru Soul, Blues, Folk and so on, depending on the dancers. Key words : energy and emotions.


Dancer performer teacher and dj since 1999


Thanos started dancing tango in 2006 . He was always been fascinated by alternative music for tango steps . He is been organizing “Milonga Aternativa” for 5 years in different places in Athens and also dj @ Bremen Munich, Toulouse, Nantes Stutgard ,Torino & Rome . Always plays music according to the feelings of the moment and the people in the dance floor.


“Andreas joined the Tango in 2005 as a photographer and has been dancing since 2006. From the very beginning, he was interested in alternative tango.

Since 2015 he has focused his artistic work on the Vjing. Almost invariably, he uses his own visual material. Some of them are works that have already been shown at exhibitions, others have been created by him especially for the Vjing.

He sees the Vjing as a form with visual elements to dance to the music. This results in a mutual influence on music, dancers and visuals.”





Zack has been dancing tango now for 8 years. He was classically trained in traditional tango and took private lessons with a Maestro for 3 years daily. He discovered Neo Tango in 2014 and since then Neo tango is his main passion. His musical style is very unique, he draws upon his experience as a music producer to create and mix unique Neo Tango tracks and he focus on drama, passion and sensuality. He likes to take the Dancers on a journey where they can truly free themselves to dance purely from the heart.